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SunFollower is an application created during 24h at Destination Hack hacathon, London. The goal of the application is to help you find where you can fly last minute and spend your trip depending on the weather forecast. Imagine you just want to get away, rest on a sunny beach and you don’t want to spend millions on that.


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SunFollower flight search


flight search

SunFollower is an insirational search engine that helps you to plan last minute getaways. It tells you where you can fly and spend your trip depending on the weather forecast. If you just want to get away, rest on a sunny beach and have a finite budget, you don't want to check every beach destination you now and individually check the weather forecast, flight prices and hotel prices. SunFollower does the search for you giving you the most suitable search results for flights, hotels and even local activities

SunFollower weather forecast


Follow the sun and plan your last minute trip according to weather forecast. SunFollower app provides inspirations for possible destinations from your origin airport together with extended flight itineraries info and weather forecast. Destinations are presented on a Google Map represented by current weather conditions icons. To see the details of the destination just click on it and see detailed weather forecast (temperature, weather conditions, wind speed and directions) for the following 5 days. SunFollower provides you with graph to visualise the prices for the flights for the next 5 days. You can pick a day from the graph and look for flights to see detailed itineraries and prices and actually pick a flight.

SunFollower hotels and activities booking

Hotels and on-site activities booking

Ok, so you’ve selected your flight, but since you're departing in just a few days it would be nice if the app could help you with finding a hotel for your stay. And that’s what SunFollower actually does - it gets you a detailed hotel search to help you pick a perfect stay. SunFollower is also integrated to Get Your Guide. This integration provides an additional tour look up, so you can easily pick on-site tours and activities and book them with this application.

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