Comentari Dedicated Solutions is a travel technology company with a solid track record of design, production and maintenance of integrated IT systems and Travel solution companys. Our company has successfully implemented a large number of projects of various scale and complexity. The Headquarters of Comentari Dedicated Solutions is based in Krakow, Poland together with its Sales Office and Development Center.

We have implemented a number of projects for Sabre Holdings: the red app centers for Sabre GDS and Internet Booking Engine applications. We provide also Web Services.
The Red App is a tool integrated with the Sabre Red Workspace platform and shared by its agents in the Red App Centre which is a travel counterpart to Apple App Store. Due to its features, users are able to integrate their businesses into the SRW platform. The Internet Booking Engine (IBE) is a tool which supports travels agencies in booking flights, hotels and local means of transport online and providing booking information to the clients. Such databases allow for high number of reservations from several suppliers in one place. Web Services are designed to help our customers deliver API to their current and future business partners. Web Services allow to provide the partners with the protocol to integrate into their IT system in a controlled way.

What makes us different? We take a more precise and versatile approach which combines our strategy and great media rates. We provide with customized tools that allow to grow your business.

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