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From Oct 16 to Oct 18, 2015 Cometari Dedicated Solutions participated in THACK Travel hackathon in Hamburg, Germany organised by Tnooz.

The event was held in a Betahaus Hamburg co-working office.

More than 60 developers from 17 teams competed to build an online travel application. The developers had to use the following API’s: Airbus Bizlab, Hotelbeds, Jet Messaging technologies, Make It Social, Sabre and SITA.
Four Cometari members: Jakub Hajek, Sławomir Gefert, Dorota Owczarek and Alex Lutovinov built tan elegant journey planning application called Meet me halfway.

The purpose of the application is simple – imagine having a business team scattered around the world or high school friends that live in various cities and you would like to find the most suitable place for everybody to meet. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on flights; nor do you want to waste your most precious asset: time.

Meet me halfway looks for the most convenient place for all of you and suggests possible destinations on a Google Map. It displays extended itineraries and data filtering for all of you. The application also provides a fare forecast based on Sabre GDS predictions. You can also pick your flight seats for everybody; a feature provided by NDC.
Once you have booked the flights you can easily choose the most suitable hotels suggested to you by GEO radius provided by Hotelbeds. Finally the application allows you to pay for the booked flights, hotels and other extras by group payments which saves your money – the nicest feature coded by Make It Social.

meet-me-halway by Cometari

Cometari struggled with integrating some of the API’s due to technical challenges and diversity of approaches.
Finally the team sorted out all of these issues by coding their own JAVA backend and RESTFul API as a middleware. It gathered data from some of the API and transformed it into a more usable format.
Fronted was coded in AngularJS with a catchy layout. Please have a look at the attached screenshot.

The application integrates almost 10 various API’s such as:

Airport Lookup – Sabre
Destination Finder – Sabre
Instaflight Search – Sabre
Low Fare Forecast – Sabre
Theme Airport lookup – Sabre
Make it Social
NDC – seat map
HotelBeds – booking hotels

Meet me halfway is already a solution that can address many real life issues which we have also experienced working with our customers. We truly believe that a practical use of our application can be easily proven in real life situations. Meet me halfway can be extended in various ways: e.g. by adding Timematic to validate passports and visas. Other extras such as car rentals can also be integrated.

The application and Cometari team won 5 prizes:

– TNOOZ-IATA People’s choice by vote from THack @ Hamburg developers.
– TNOOZ-IATA best large team!
– integrating Make it Social API
– integrating Sabre API
– integrating Hotelbeds API.

We are very proud of the prizes we were awarded and eager to make use of our technical knowledge and skills to build more of equally practical applications.

If you are interested in a customized Travel application, don’t hesitate to contact Cometari Team directly by calling us or sending us an email. We will be more than happy to review your requirements and advise you on the best solutions to transform your idea into a perfect travel startup.

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