Many of us find travelling one of the most significant activities in life. It greatly broadens horizons, enables discovering magnificent, unique places and helps meeting amazing people. No wonder it is placed by some right after breathing on their hierarchy of needs.
Luckily, there are also many travellers among specialists in IT field, who professionally streamline the wandering around the world. Nowadays, when the era of the Internet and multitask mobile devices has dawned, software development opens up new avenues for organising travels. And if there is a team of travel enthusiasts employed in a software house, it won’t be long before some interesting improvement comes to light.

A professional software house is at a premium

There are plenty of applications available for travel market and vast majority of them offers simple booking only. Some companies, however, go one step beyond and add some extra tools. This additional function often determines the success of a project. This is where the assistance of a competent developer becomes essential.

Halfway by Cometari

Have you ever experienced problems with finding the right spot for a meeting? And what would you do if you were to point one on a way between New York and Paris?

There is a simple solution to this called Halfway – an application developed by Cometari Deditated Solutions – a very creative software house based in Poland, Cracow. This unique program, owing to big data analytics, helps groups of friends and businessmen to find a perfect spot for a meeting, with comparable distance from two or more departure points and similar time needed to reach it. Furthermore, it enables flight and bargain search as well as booking straight from the application. Thus the software seems to be one of the most exciting ways of discovering new sites.


The most suitable flight search

Cometari focuses on travel software development, designing applications that both simplify and streamline existing ways of organising travels. Their latest project, created in association with Sabre is a JavaScript based program, called Escape. This powerful search engine enables finding convenient connections from nearest airports and sorting flights by fare, theme or region. Owing to advanced technologies, such as Elasticsearch and ReactJS, Escape becomes the software for customers looking for fast and reliable flight search tool with aesthetic, simple design. Thus Cometari is a perfect choice if you are looking for reliable software house to build your new product.


More challenges ahead

Cometari provides professional services in software development. Their uncommon projects are based on open source technologies, including Active MQ, ReactJS and AngularJS, enhanced with Cloud Services. This remarkably able and creative team designs applications from top to bottom, combining user friendly interface with topmost efficiency. This, along with focusing on travel issues, enables Cometari software house creating new possibilities for travellers and tour operators.

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