We, at Cometari Application development and design for startups and leading brands, love travels. Our mission is to provide travellers with solutions that streamline tourism in every possible way. We are a software house and, hence, we do our best to develop programmes able to fulfil our goal. There are many ideas and concepts that engage our thoughts all the time and many of them have come to fruition. Applications like Halfway – Redesigning travel search, Escape by Cometari or Bargain Finder Max are something we are very proud of and there surely is far more to come. There are, however, special ones among our projects and from time to time we create a software we are particularly fond of. We share it then with everybody. And we do it for free.

AirportsFinder Cometari

Airports Finder – a travel software for everybody

Airports Finder is the latest free project designed for travellers by Cometari Application development and design for startups and leading brands. It is in its final stage of creation, therefore will be published shortly. Like the name suggests, this smart application is able to locate the nearest airport based on geolocalisation. After the release, everybody will be able to use the REST API (application programming interface) for free. How does it benefit travellers?

Owing to a powerful search engine, connected to big database, this REST API searches through all of the airports in the selected area. Thanks to geolocalisation, a user can find both – the airport nearest to the actual position or the one placed near the chosen location. The second option can be very useful for travellers planning their trip to foreign countries. The search criteria can be freely adjusted to the needs.

Airports Finder can be easily implemented into travel applications. Cometari software house has developed it especially to be a part of apps designed for travellers. The API allows to add an airport search to reservation services, flight and fare search engines or any other programmes concerning departures and arrivals.

Airports Finder is based on open-source technologies like Java, Spring, Elasticsearch, Redis and MySQL database. The development plans of this app include:

– extended airport information,

– matching airports with towns and cities nearby,

– adding tourist attractions in those cities and/or integration with existing content.

Why should a software house build free apps?

We believe that there is a lack of free APIs in the travel market and we have created one that fills the gap a little. Well, maybe a little more. As the saying goes: ‘The most precious things in life are for free’. Although a software house wouldn’t be able to survive without commercial projects, the free ones are very special to us. This is our contribution to travelling and it surely isn’t the last we make.

Want to share an idea with us? Or perhaps you are looking for a software house able to develop an application to streamline any part of travel industry? Do not hesitate contacting us, our doors are always open.

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