Low cost travelling is one of the most interesting ways of discovering the world nowadays. There are many enthusiasts of this type of tourism around the globe and it is a quite impressive market, definitely worth noticing. Its popularity is based mainly on greatly lower flight fares but since the journey is not only the departure and arrival, we ought to arrange some accommodation, vital after we land. Let’s take a closer look on hotels in a low cost travelling point of view.

Budget hotel or a special deal?

There are many places one can spend a night in, however a hotel room is one of the most enjoyable. Low cost travelling can be both pleasurable and comfortable and if we are to rest well, we should take care of a decent place to stay while on a journey.
There are mainly two options to find a cosy hotel room for an affordable price. The first are budget hotels offering lower prices and basic services. This would be the option for less demanding tourists. The second are special offers from more expensive (three- or four-star) hotels, able to provide you with better comfort for a really attractive price. It can either be a discount for a longer stay, free breakfast or an upgrade. In some cases the cost of both can be very similar, therefore it is worth to spend a little more time for preparations. You can also sometimes count on a special deal from a budget hotel, which your wallet will surely appreciate.

A package is always more cost-effective

It is usually worth to search for a package including flights, hotels and a car. This is the most cost-effective way of booking your trip and it is an essence of low cost travelling: a suitable flight, a comfortable hotel room and a car to ease the sightseeing. All of this for a price of a standard flight, which makes it truly alluring. Furthermore, making all of the booking in one place simply saves your time.

Where to search for a package?

Sunfollower by Cometari is a good example of what a powerful search engine is able to do for low cost travelling. This application is designed to search for flights and accommodation which can be easily sorted by cost. Owing to this, a user gets the results of the most suitable air transport along with the offer of bookable hotels, presented with a user friendly, intuitive interface. This is also one of the quickest ways of dealing with organising a travel. All of the elements of a trip available at once.
Sunfollower delivers also inspirations for those who not necessarily want to visit a specific place, emphasising rather on finding a sunny weather than monuments. Tourists preferring rather to be on a move than to stay in one place for the whole vacation could find a brainwave with this app, for it is also connected to the weather forecast service. Its API has been created to gather information about the actual and future weather conditions and combine it with available flights and hotels in the area. This could be a really inspiring low cost travelling to follow the sun comfortably and for an affordable price.

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