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Travelling is often considered as a synonym of a word ‘relax’. Apart from business travels, we usually hit the road to rest from work and daily business. Some of us make a detailed plan of every stuff we need to pack and study travel guides making notes of each interesting place worth visiting. Others prefer to go wild and their only concern is the plane ticket, bought just before the departure. And some place themselves in the middle of this.

No matter what type of tourist you are, it is good to know there are some preparations really worth making before you start your travel adventure.

Decide where to go

Despite of appearances, choosing the right destination is not always easy. Some of us just need the sun, while others would like to visit interesting places. The are also some who’d just like to rest and have no idea where to begin. Fortunately, there are ways of choosing the right direction and a travel software can be very useful in that matter.

For those who wish to see the sun, Cometari Dedicated Solutions has developed Sun Follower. User friendly interface and powerful search engine below it enable finding a suitable destination with desired weather conditions. If you’d like to get inspired and see unknown places, try our Halfway, enabling lonely traveller to discover new sites. For more expanded search, use Cometari’s Escape. Bargain Finder Max can also be an inspiration – just find the cheapest flight if you don’t care about the dates. See where it leads you.

Choose the company carefully or travel alone

Some of us prefer to travel alone, while others favour company. Think it thoroughly and decide what is your nature deep inside. It is sometimes good to go all alone, even if in a perfect relationship. Do not search for a companion just because everybody does. Some people need to travel alone. Others should pick the company wisely, for a lousy co-traveller can ruin a trip.

If you have a comrade in another part of the globe and you wish to go with him or her for a trip, Cometari’s Halfway can help you find the most cost-effective destination for your meeting. This could be a fantastic starting point of your shared journey.


Transportation can be essential for your travel. A car can be suitable when travelling around the country or hitting the road trip, e.g. in the USA. But since travelling means to be in a completely different place and considering the length of a trip, we usually choose to fly. Applications like Bargain Finder Max or Escape, enable expanded flight search by budget, theme or region. Keep you money in you wallet, the flight doesn’t have to be expensive.

The length of the stay and other details

While booking a flight, some online services, like Escape or Halfway, allow you to book a hotel room and even rent a car. It is wise to do so before the departure, especially the car rental. It can simply be cheaper that way. The longer you stay, the less you pay (for a night that is). The same concerns the car.

Knowing the destination, finding (or not) a company and having your ticket in your hand (or in you Inbox), it’s time to make final arrangements. You should consider buying a travel insurance if it is not included in your credit card.

After all is made, pack well and begin an adventure.

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