Most of the travel types are strictly connected to booking. Whether it is about the flights, hotels , cars or any additional services, one cannot avoid making arrangements if it is to be a pleasurable trip. Furthermore, it is substantial to book early if we are to organise a budget journey, especially if it concerns business travels. This is a very strong branch of travel industry and low cost travelling plays a significant role in it.

How to decrease the cost of business travels?

Organising business travels does not always mean to spend a lot of money on flights. A simple truth is that the sooner we book the lower the price of a ticket will be. The same concerns hotels. On the other hand business trips are sometimes difficult to predict, therefore can be expensive if bought right before the departure. We can diversify the cost of all business travels by taking advantage of low cost travelling every time it is possible. This way our company’s travel budget will be kept in a good condition, leaving more money for other investments.

A software for business travels

There are two main categories of business meetings requiring travelling. First includes a meeting with a contractor or a promising business partner while the second involves workers from the same company, though scattered all over the world (branches). In both situations business travels ought to be arranged properly and, what is crucial, cost-effectively. Fortunately there are solutions, already on the market, helping organising trips easy and cheapest possible way. We called it Halfway.

Cometari Dedicated Solutions created Halfway in order to ease the organisation of journeys with emphasis on business travels. How does it help businessmen? For those who search for a simple flight and a hotel room it offers most suitable connections from multiple airports, including fare forecast and nearest available accommodation, according to given place of arrival. It also enables the purchase of tickets and hotel bookings, which makes it the most appropriate solution for organising business travels.

Where should a business meeting take place?

What distinguishes Halfway is a functionality strictly connected to the second type of business travels involving co-workers from foreign and distant branches within the same company. One can easily imagine a situation when there is a need to book flights and hotel rooms for a meeting of managers from New York, Sydney, Paris and Milan branches. The major question is where to set up a meeting, since all of the members are equally important. And right after that comes another one: how to do it cost-effectively?

Halfway is a software developed especially to answer those two questions. It is designed to find the most proper place for a meeting, which is not always in the middle. After putting some meta into the search fields, Halfway connects with powerful search engines and returns the most suitable solution, based on the shortest time and lowest cost needed to reach it. Owing to implemented fare forecast, user can freely choose the most appropriate option and purchase it. Organising of business travels has never been so easy!

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