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Europe is a land of plenty for a tourist. The variety of beautiful landscapes, art and rich spiritual and culture history makes it a fabulous travelling destination. Europe includes 46 countries and all of them very unique. Describing all of those countries and their attractions would be an extremely tough task to do and equally hard to read it carefully. Therefore here we shall focus on the capital cities. Only five of them, for the reason mentioned above. Five capitals which, in our opinion, are a must see while visiting Europe. Furthermore, our rank is is based on low cost travelling experience, thus deeply subjected.

Where to begin a low cost travelling experience?

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Europe’s 5 topmost capitals

There are three capital cities in Europe that should be placed ex aequo on the top of this ranking. London, Paris and Rome. Those capitals are the most famous and it is impossible to say which of them wins. All three are definitely worth seeing and that is for sure. We’ll start from London, only for the alphabetical order reasons.


London, a capital city of the United Kingdom, is famous mostly because of the Big Ben. The second thing that comes to our mind is the London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, being the world’s tallest Ferris wheel since its erection in 1999 (surpassed in 2006). World famous Royal Family lives in the Buckingham’s Palace in London, and with a little luck we are able to see them on the balcony. We should also see the Tower of London, a famous British prison, which is almost 1.000 years old. Eats and drinks? Fish, chips and famous British ale. The rest… well, see it for yourself.

London is excellently communicated with the rest of the world. It is served by 6 airports: London City, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and Southend. Low cost carriers most often use Gatwick and Luton, and this is where we land when choosing low cost travelling.


A little more to the southern east we can find one of the most recognisable European structure – the Eiffel Tower. This is a symbol of Paris, the capital and the most popular city in France. Paris is a perfect destination for a romantic trip. It offers fantastic views and many charming spots. The most popular tourist attractions are The Louvre with famous Mona Lisa painting, Centre Pompidou and Disneyland situated nearby. But Paris is mainly famous for its unique atmosphere and delicious cuisine.

How about low cost travelling? There are 5 main airports near French capital city and low cost carriers use mainly three of them: Beauvais – Tille, Chalons – Vatry and Orly. The airports are perfectly connected to the city.


There is an old saying: ‘All roads lead to Rome’. It gets a new meaning nowadays, since the conquering of the air. Rome is also called the Eternal City and for a good reason. Most of the tourist attractions are ages old and still very impressive. Among the most popular are the Colloseum, the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, Romain Forum and many, many more. They are indeed amazing, but the charm of Rome is also the cuisine. You will never taste a pizza like this nowhere else (maybe except other parts of Italy). Never.

Rome is served by three airports: Flumicino, Ciampino and Rome Urbe. If it is to the low cost travelling, we will probably arrive to and depart from the first two. Transfers to the city are well arranged, therefore it is easy to get to Rome straight from the plane.


The capital of Norway brings new experience for low cost travelling. One can fly to Oslo really cheap. There are three airports serving this city: Oslo Gardenmoen, Torp and Rygge. The last two are dedicated for low cost travelling. There is an excellent communication between the capital city and those airports, although they are situated quite far away.

Oslo is beautifully situated on the majestic Oslofjord. Its most interesting tourist attractions are the National Gallery, Oslo Opera House, Holmenkoollen Ski Museum and Akershus Fortress. After visiting the topmost attractions we can relax in TusenFryd Amusement Park.

Warsaw – last but not least

Why have we placed Warsaw in this ranking? Because we are Poles? Maybe. Because it is a constantly growing and thriving city? Definitely so! In the 20′ and 30′ Warsaw was called the Paris of the North. The city has been reborn couple of times since then and this can be seen on every corner of the capital of Poland. Attractions worth seeing in Warsaw are: the (not so) Old Town, The Palace of Culture and Science, The National Stadium and extremely interesting Copernicus Science Centre. There are also beautiful, large city parks in Warsaw, like Łazienki or Wilanów.

There are two airports serving Warsaw. The first, Okęcie, is situated in the City, therefore perfectly communicated with the metropolis. Second one, Modlin, is situated near the city and it takes approximately 45 minutes to get to the city centre.

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