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OK, so you have built a travel website. It looks really fantastic, people love it and share it with everyone they know. The traffic is growing, the chart goes up each time you look at it. You add more functions like flight search, online booking and online payments. You devote to this site, it is your beloved child.

And one day it just stops. The server goes down and everything collapses. In this business an old saying: ‘time is money’ is unfortunately very true. How long will it take your clients to book a flight using another travel website? One hour, half, a quarter? 24 hours of a site unavailability often means irretrievable losses. How to avoid that?

Increase the reliability and safety of your online business

Cometari Dedicated Solutions is familiar with this one and many more issues related to online business security. We are at your service especially when it concerns travels and flights. We know full well how important it is to gain maximum control of your server. We are also very aware of the reliability it should present. Therefore we have created Cometari Cluster to increase the security of an online business.

Owing to its special design, Cometari Cluster spreads the incoming traffic into number of servers, helping your website working faster. Furthermore, it greatly increases the reliability of your site by switching the traffic into another server placed in the Cluster in case of a failure of the first. This helps preserving your online business 24-hour availability, with no compromise on network speed. This is a crucial feature for a flight search or any other online booking service where the amount of data is enormous.

Monitor and react

Our solution also prepares your travel business for the future progress. Deploying application on many servers not only helps it to work smoothly but also leaves space for further traffic increase. It is crucial for the server to be able to accept it. Cometari Cluster enables that, adding more server space before it is needed. This allows numbers of clients to use your online business simultaneously.

Owing to constant monitoring, your online business is even more secured. Cometari Cluster allows you to watch all of the traffic coming to your site. Our engineers will assist you with finding and fixing any bottlenecks or delays in the system. Swiftly working website is one of the most important feature of a prosperous online business. Thanks to our solution, your website will be fully operational 24 hours a day and you can focus on other ways to improve your business.

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