Cometari Sabre Authorized Developer 2017

Cometari Dedicated Solutions are proud to announce that we have become Sabre Authorised Developer. It has been quite an achievement to receive that highly regarded status, so we thought it would be good to share that great news with you.

The process of becoming a certified partner to Sabre has taken months of rigorous scrutiny, which we managed to go through successfully and which clearly demonstrates our reliability and a proven track record in providing customized travel solutions for businesses.

Projects such as search and booking engines, fare and data visualisation, intelligent and inspirational apps – just to name a few – designed in a microservices approach will allow you to build scalable and fault tolerant platforms.

Cometari provides bundled solutions that begin with the consultation phase, through the initial build and development to the production and then round -the -clock management and support.

For more information take a look at our webstite or contact me directly.

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