Rezerwuj Sale Cometari
RezerwujSale – office space rental is a office space rental portal which allows you to book any conference room, office space and 100% online without waiting for confirmation of availability. In order to book a room or conference hall, simply use search engine, indicate the location, type of surface, number of persons and date and choose among the proposals meeting these criteria. The major advantages of Rezerwujsale – office space rental are: Free offers Registration and adding the offer is...

Airports Finder – a powerful gift from Cometari

We, at Cometari Application development and design for startups and leading brands, love travels. Our mission is to provide travellers with solutions that streamline tourism in every possible way. We are a software house and, hence, we do our best to develop programmes able to fulfil our goal. There are many ideas and concepts that engage our thoughts all the time and many of them have come to fruition. Applications like Halfway – Redesigning travel...

SunFollower Cometari
Following the sun – an overview of weather apps for travellers

Following the sun – an overview of weather apps for travellers We can be pretty certain that, since Copernicus discovery, the Sun stands still while the Earth goes around all the time. The distance between our planet and our beloved star varies during the year. Furthermore, some parts of the globe experience plenty of its live-giving warm rays, while others get only a scrap. Being aware of those facts, a software house can easily develop applications...

A new era of travelling by Cometari software house

Many of us find travelling one of the most significant activities in life. It greatly broadens horizons, enables discovering magnificent, unique places and helps meeting amazing people. No wonder it is placed by some right after breathing on their hierarchy of needs. Luckily, there are also many travellers among specialists in IT field, who professionally streamline the wandering around the world. Nowadays, when the era of the Internet and multitask mobile devices has dawned, software development...

Airport Finder Cometari
Airport Finder API – find the nearest airport

Cometari have started working on the RESTFull API which allow user to find the nearest airport based on give GEO location. API will be released soon and available for each user for free. Whenever you are building travel application you need to implement features which gives you the nearest airport for given search criteria such as city. The lack of free API was covered by Cometari and gives all developers possibilites to add feature – find...

Cometari Halfway App
Meet me Halfway – the winning application

From Oct 16 to Oct 18, 2015 Cometari Dedicated Solutions participated in THACK Travel hackathon in Hamburg, Germany organised by Tnooz. The event was held in a Betahaus Hamburg co-working office. More than 60 developers from 17 teams competed to build an online travel application. The developers had to use the following API’s: Airbus Bizlab, Hotelbeds, Jet Messaging technologies, Make It Social, Sabre and SITA. Four Cometari members: Jakub Hajek, Sławomir Gefert, Dorota Owczarek and Alex Lutovinov built...

Cometari Escape app
Escape Application

Escape Application developed by Cometari Dedicated Solutions together with Sabre ®. An Inspirational air shopping map based application that uses a combination of search and intelligent APIs in a simple workflow. Search by budget, theme and region to explore possibilities of your next journey. Escape – Application architecture. The Escape app consists of two applications; one of them is middleware which is responsible for connecting to sabre web services and the other one is the adequate Frontend application. The frontend of the...

Cometari Flyers Remorse
Flyers Remorse Application

Flyers Remorse developed by Cometari Dedicated Solutions together with Sabre ®. A combination of the Fare Range API and InstaFlights Search API is used to show the user the lowest price on airfare and the range of prices that have recently been paid for that flight. That way the user can ensure they don’t have flyer’s remorse if they purchase a ticket below a certain price.

Travel Solution Company

Comentari Dedicated Solutions is a travel technology company with a solid track record of design, production and maintenance of integrated IT systems and Travel solution companys. Our company has successfully implemented a large number of projects of various scale and complexity. The Headquarters of Comentari Dedicated Solutions is based in Krakow, Poland together with its Sales Office and Development Center. We have implemented a number of projects for Sabre Holdings: the red app centers for Sabre...

Sabre® DEV studio hackathons

Sabre® dev studio allows to build apps so great that move the world. Dev studio powers B2C and B2B applications. It provides services that enable to create value across the entire travel process. In 2014 Sabre® Corporation hosted a hackathon to challenge developers to create apps that couls revolutionize the travel industry. Cometari also participated in similar hackathons organised by Sabre® such as Destination Hack when we have built Sun Follower application prototype. One of...