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  • DevOpsDays Warsaw 2019 - Docker Logging and analysing with Elastic Stack

DevOpsDays Warsaw 2019 - Docker Logging and analysing with Elastic Stack

Collecting logs from the entire stateless environment is challenging parts of the application lifecycle. Correlating business logs with operating system metrics to provide insights is a crucial part of the entire organization. We will see the technical presentation on how to manage a large amount of the data in a typical environment with microservices.


About author

Jakub Hajek
CEO, technical consultant
I’ve been working in IT for over 20 years as a system administrator, delivery manager, team leader and a project coordinator. On a daily basis, I run Cometari and try to juggle between being an entrepreneur, manager and an expert. I use my technical and business experience in my company. I carry out projects mainly in the area of infrastructure, containers and solutions that support these technologies. I believe that the best way of cooperating is one in which a team delivers solutions that provide the customer with measurable values rather than generate more problems. I am a firm advocate of consistent and persistent work. That’s why, every day I do technical work in areas such as Docker, Cloud Native, Kubernetes, DevOps and Elastic Stack. I am also a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). I make professionalism and relationship with people – both with my team and customers - our priority at Cometari. That’s why, as a leader I give my team a high level of trust and work space and what I receive in return is the best solutions for my customers. Privately, I am a proud father of my son Julian and an amateur, though enthusiastic sportsman.