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Effective log management with Elasticsearch

As we already know a little about Elasticsearch, we decided to share this knowledge with you. And therefore, we’re organising a webinar! 📣 @JakubHajek and Rafał Bajek will participate and answer questions: 🎯 How to use Elasticseach to effectively manage logs? 🎯 How to design the solution's architecture properly? 🎯 What to pay attention to when building a fully scalable log management solution? 👉 What's important - this will be practical knowledge (not a „copy-paste” from tutorials), based on our experience gained when building a solution for one of our clients. Effective log management with Elasticsearch" webinar will take place right after Easter – on April 16. The webinar will be conducted in Polish. Who wanna join?


About author

Rafał Bajek
Software Architect, Senior Software Engineer
Software architect and senior software engineer with 15 years of professional experience in creating IT systems, from small applications to large enterprise-class systems. I specialize mainly in backend systems, written mostly in Java. I have been involved in building and developing starting from small utility applications, through medium to large enterprise-class systems, operating on large data volumes. I constantly attempt to follow the industry and its novelties regarding the use of tools in next or existing systems. I am a huge fan of the "Domain-Driven Design" approach and of understanding the field (business) in which the system is to work. Currently, I am focusing on distributed (cloud-native) systems (deployed mostly in containers), observability and challenges associated with it. I am passionate about clean code/architecture/solution, Observability, DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud and containerization approach. I am not afraid of new challenges and I take responsibility for my work. I learn new things fast and I continuously self-develop. After work, I'm a husband and a happy dad of two cute kids.