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travel software

Innovative digital technology for travel industry

Cometari team specializes in developing travel software. Our mission is to provide innovative and cost effective solutions for the travel industry. We build and support travel software applications specifically for the travel & hospitality sector. We have carried out a lot of projects for Sabre which helped us gain hands-on experience of the industry and confidence we can handle even the most challenging tasks.

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Cometari is Sabre Authorized Developer

Here you will learn how travel industry expertise and the solid knowledge in the travel tech field of Cometari team can combine to create exciting and innovative opportunities having the potential to improve your business. If you are looking for a reliable technology partner that immediately understands your travel business, Cometari is the right choice.


Sabre Web Services

Cometari solutions allow you to seamlessly connect your application to multiple travel suppliers at once. Our experience in integrating various travel APIs allows you to build a web-optimized and mobile-friendly travel application in fraction of time, cost and complexity. A comprehensive set of travel APIs that enable our clients to build unique travel solutions, enabling faster time to market.

Cometari Sygnet


  • Integrate the Largest Travel Suppliers on the Market
  • Affiliations and Reselling
  • Expand Travel Inventory


Red Apps

A thorough analysis of your business can help us create New Red App application for your business. Sabre Red Apps are approved applications that can be added to your Sabre Red Workspace to advance the potential of Sabre Red. Sabre Red App owners have a complete control over the sale and distribution of their applications through the Sabre Red App Centre. These Sabre Red applications have the ability to fully integrate an infinite variety of processes and services directly into travel agent's desktop.

Cometari Sygnet


  • Red App Initial Design
  • Workflow Design
  • GUI Design and Implementation
  • Transformation of scribe script into fully functional Red App.
  • Solution Architecture
  • Red App Development
  • Content Integration