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DevOps Special Team

We are a team of talented and experienced software engineers and scientists specializing in software development, DevOps, Log Analysis and TravelTech. We are huge fans of designing, developing and maintaining distributed and scalable systems (as well as soft internet) for your company.

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we are best at



  • Automation of the process
  • Cloud Native
  • Containerization
  • Cluster management Kubernetes / Swarm
  • CI/CD

Observability and Log Analysis

  • Log Management based on Elastic Stack
  • Capacity planning and tuning for Elastic Stack
  • Infrastructure based on Grafana
  • Application performance monitoring (APM)
  • Containers monitoring

Cloud Services

  • Design and implementation
  • Managed services
  • Adoption and migration
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Cost optimization

Travel Tech

  • Sabre Authorized Partner
  • Integration of Sabre Web services
  • Red App initial design
  • Airport Finder


Why working with us pays off?


Huge experience and extensive knowledge

Our team consists of specialized developers and engineers who, together, have years of experience in the IT industry. Therefore, we guarantee an individual approach to each project we deal with.


Reliable IT partner

We work on trusted systems and tools and we work only with reliable partners. Cometari has been an Sabre Authorized Developer for several years and offers complementary solutions.


Focused on business effectivity

Our goal is to efficiently and quickly deliver right technology solutions for your business. We guarantee that your apps will be created to quickly adapt to market conditions.

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our selected works

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about Cometari

we're responsible for your success

He knows IT like the back of his hand – he's been in this game for nearly a quarter-century. He began as a humble system administrator. Then he was a team leader and a project manager where he successfully carried out bold visions of the company. Technically speaking, Jakub coordinates projects in the area of infrastructure, containers and tools supporting this technology.

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DevOps Culture

Check how we work


Kick-off workshops

We start each project with a kick-off workshop to learn about the client's expectations, needs and requirements. At this workshop, we set a goal that we then consistently implement at the stage of project implementation.


Weekly call

Communication is core. Thanks to weekly calls, the client is kept updated about the status of the project. We organize weekly conversations with clients, live or online, in order to validate work progress.


Demo Visualisation

We transform lines of code into specific products and solutions, which we then present to the client as a demo. We provide real value at every stage of project implementation.